Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Berkeley Beat: STREET

Remember these poet cats? 
An American Ur Flaneur
and a Beat Generation update

The Berkeley Flaneur? 
or the Oakland Clochard?
 San Francisco dandy as well

The Flaneur marches on
All time is one time

Downtime Downtown

Fun for some,
games for all

Cuddle fish
I can dig it

King of Flaneurs,
Man you should seen them
kicking Edgar Allen Poe,

A Lovecraft phantasmagoria
come true

Young men have apparently
set up a medical marijuana
authorization table

Cop lady had a few questions
for these cannabis humanitarians,
A first for Berkland

Ashby Corridor

A room for adolescents
Strange mask in the library

Primitive decorative figure with drum

Hall of mirrors
Mama used to send us to the mirror man
Come home with a pocketful of spangles

Never really knew 
what to make of it

A survival from Berkeley's 
storybook past

Chocolate chip building
and marshmallow sky

Switzerland or 
mountainous Hungary
Ethnicity eludes the finger

Always figured it was outdoorsy stuff
mountain goats or ski bunnies,
Less traveled these days perhaps

A holy moment

looking stately as well

I've known one or two Yemenies,
One was extremist like Osama,
Other was at an Ira Cohen art show

Pigeon fossil sidewalk

June 2016

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