Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Aleatory Holiday I: Sunday

Memorial Day weekend
it blows hot and cold
like Gemini do

A hallucinatory robo-cop
stared back at me
out of headquarters


My aching back

Oddly deserted Oakland

The citadel of
Will shed its condom cocoon

Oakland felt like it was
was verging on the 

Tantric doorway

Berkeley had a vacant stare as well
But I ran into an old friend
bearing the angel of the herb
of which I was out

Can you recognize them
despite the disquises?

Why it's...


It's George!
Isn't it?

It's Ringo
And it's George!

And it's John!

and Paul

Yes, it's the BEATLES!
And some of them are wearing
false mustaches
Can You tell whose is phoney?

If you guessed Ringo you'd be correct

The new Lower Sproul

Sun going down again

Home not longer afterward

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