Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nightwalking Revisited

Always another layer of strata to unpeel
in an urban palimpsest
of noirist thought

With us in spirit
ones who went before

I don't want to live in the park,
Can't trust those shadows after dark

Open door of a humble church 
across from the homeless park

 In the periphery of vision
something caught my eye
Up next to the moon

 A follower of the sun
like me

 What we see tonight
across the highway bridge

 Shine on,
 you crazy diamond

 Simple design perfection

We may have been 
on this walk before
An idle on Oakland's idyllic past

 A deserted make-believe place
just past the colossus 
of downtown

 The lights are on
but don't bother knocking
They are never home

The tender moon
in all its 
slender splendor


Ramadan moon
at the top of the sky

It grows late,
it grows late

Another towering tour bus
stuffed with Chinese
heads into the sunset

 I cross over
into another urban

 A lovely evening flower
new to me
makes itself known

 The sky in a broken mirror

 A carnivorous theatre
of pseudonymous art

At intermission
I slipped away


 Past a ruin 
of organized religion
the sky gells

 Typographical mountains

 Silver cinder blocks
of clandestine ideation


cars race along the speedway,
Landing for an elevated freeway 

of primative mysticism

 The words, the alphabet itself
Give way to abstraction
unconscious motivation

 Once the neighborhood
 Roman Catholic church
My friend Chester attended it

 What remains
empty forms
spiritual yearning

 New branding surfaces
for perennial realpolitik,
Those who tythe 
manage to survive

 Closer to home
talking about brand names,
Bob Marley
front a closed-down shop

 But this here is not about
 reggae music per se
Bob Marley Natural
is a brand of cannabis
for the coming stage: 

Legalize it
and he'll 
advertise it

9 June 2016

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