Friday, June 10, 2016

Neo-Con Berkeley

Remember the oaks?

The Flaneur circumnavigates
UC Berkeley attempting
to dispel the hex

 Elmwood driveway
vicinity of the University

 Going to college
is an socio-evolutionary 
extension of Neoteny,
Extended infancy leads
to more primate brain power

 A nice square notions shop
has a wake-and-bake coffee mug
Finally, normality

 Later, kidniks
 here comes my bus


 UC Campus
Let There Be Light 
Intermittent sunlight
and a cool sea breeze

 Gateway to
 the Student-debt Mill

The new museum
 oozes fine art
onto the apron of campus

 The Greek Theatre 1903
but a scene not to be missed
Where I've seen and heard 
Dylan, Augustus Pablo,
Belle and Sebastian, White Stripes
Massive Attack, Arcade Fire and others

 Backstage at the Greek,
Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples
are playing there tonight

 A fresh kill
says we 're near

 Return to the scene
of the corporate crime

 Oh, Leonardo...

 Hideous metal fur

 Like a gun turret
admitting little natural light

 Student Athelete
or beast of burden
for military-industrial

 Wall of shame
Spaces for plutocrats
remain available

 An Elysian oak grove
reduced to 
a dark and forbidding place

The Haas plateau 
commands a privleged view

 An ornamental lawn


 The designer reveals his priorities
by extending  paving stones 
out on the lawn

 The martyr-like International house

 Timeless skies
over the Bay

 Bonnet for a concrete commode

A few notable survivors
of the constant construction
and destruction

 A quasi-religious stone circle


 Worship to student atheletes
who give 100%
to the University's
Lucrative football enterprise

 They stumped us again

 More fresh stimps
and disturbed earth
the floor of the former grove

The last remaining oaks
front the fortress-like
Ubermensch training center

Ultimately it was merely
a plot to greatly increase
the massive stadium footprint,
Oak trees and their admirers
merely collateral damage

8 May 2016

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