Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Cities of Here and There and Elsewhere

The Week 
The Flaneur
The East Bay Beat

Niche Berkeley

Orthodox rocks

 All religions are one


 Spooky action at a distance

Some trepidation

Safe European home

Backyard of a church

Stringed instrument
Guitar outdoors
 in the cruel wind and the rain

Sinewy cypress still
bend traffic at their will

A tree stands naked

Ringo's bedroom window

Trees along the home front

 Enchanted Oakland

 Star wars duck bill
with an attitude


 Found another Elf installed
near Washington street
So wee it was hard to get down

Its an Elven town


Hydrangea change colors
in front of your eyes

Signs &Graffiti
strictly prosecuted
police car alongside

I'm here on postal business

June is busting out
all over

Think I'll head down to
Lakeside park

Sunny in the sun
 a little cool in the shade

A dappled mottled landscape
sparsely attended

 The yin and yang
of light and shade

Mammalian life
Shelters in the trees,
From the relentless march 
of glass and steel

Recurrent intersection
along ley lines

 When we have wings 
 we can fly

 Shimmy into Fairyland
without a ticket

 Always some pleasant imagery
to foster cheer,

 What we look out on

 Pulling a rabbit 
out of a hat
Ain't what it was

 Cast the stones against the mirror
Heavy karma comes back clearer

Banking business 
in Berkeley


Discrete charms of the Bourgeoisie

1-4 June 2016

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