Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Portside BART Train

Put on my eyeball t-shirt and 

go parading
in search of eye candy

Got a little closer to the elf
this time

 He's right outside
the Purgatorio of
the Public Defender's office

I can get a good shot
of the BART tracks
on top of this

Up I climbed

As a Nineteen-fifties vintage
human being perhaps
I might hurt myself,
Yet I still can because I still do

An outlying 
West Oakland residence
Between BART and the highway

Here comes the BART train

After this point
it heads underground,
Next stop 12th Street

 The Hive

 I won't hazard a guess
Men's club?

My eye was attracted by
a rendering
of a RUST-OLEUM can


A closer look

recalls converse and the Clash
only in metal

What do they mean by "BEYOND"?


Be seeing you around,
Elf brothers

6 June 2016

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