Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spring's Big Finale

Saturated light

Seasons they go round and round
enlightenment and extinction

Afternoon of the faun

An expansive day of sun and sky

 I have gone gathering 
at the community garden
Ironically located

 Then back to Old Oakland 
for provisions
a nice bottle of XO brandy

Spring is a demiurge
releasing enchanted bees

 Come to Grief?
Um, I have plans that night

 I'm going to stay in 
to wash my hair
and get out the old easel

 The coming of night 
stirs the soul

 Silver graffitti
catches alight

 Down to the Port
my place of revery

 The sky grew

Helicopter over me,
Tonight down the estuary
two top sports teams compete
There's a heavy police presence
weighs on the town
anticipating the victory riot
not to be

Ever-changing formations
in the lowering sunlight

 Bike cops showed up too
One said, hello, sir
I said, evening

 This device can't capture
a zone of refracted light,
Discernible here as an oval shape
near the pole,
To my eye as a vivid color spectrum

  Light fades away
ever thus

The last light before Solstice
Reaches the northside of this ship
a floating lighthouse

Kind of a benign mushroom cloud
made itself known


 Only the tall buildings
were still in the sun

Until next Spring,
Fare thee well

 the nearly full moon
rising in the Eastern sky

 The world illuminated
windows of the coroner's office
the tidal moon

A journey to end of every night

19 June 2016

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