Friday, June 17, 2016

Twelve Shots that Shook My World Today

(sort of)

Helicopters drove me from my aerie
to confront the alleged
real world

Well staged demo in progress
Miniscule crowds
don't show up on camera

Symbolic victims
doing the Abu Ghraib

Somethings going on 
behind the picket,
an anarchist cell

Taking down the flag
of the State of

Note chopper

Bye-bye, Oski,
see you soon

Oakland's police force
demonstrates its customary
restraint hold

 Our city's flag was already
 at half mast over 
the tragedy in Orlando
Or was it Cleveland?

As an old drunk on Amtrak
in Colorado once asked me,
Why do they have to protest 
at a time like this?
USA was invading Iraq
at the time 

Moments later
from the bus on Telegraph 

 Girls were happily
shopping for jewelry,
It goes to show,
 Life is what you make it

Center street 
Downtown Berkeley

 Huge heads 
of a couple of
American Poets

17 June 2016

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