Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tuesday Afternoon

Coyote howl mosaic

 It would be a larger than usual day 
I'll take you there

Like so many adventures
it began on a BART train
MacArthur station

North Berkeley

A familiar hike
To keep open my cosmic eye
Along the Ohlone pathway

A dell of yellow and green
A stealthy flock of birds unseen
Rose into the canopy in an instant

Another lovely community garden
Iris and chard

The Spanish tormenting cattle
Years and years ago,
Before the coming of vegetarianism

Color patterns grab my attention

Primitive expressions
Talismans and signs
the potted past

People enjoy walking
Along the pathway
BART trains
Rumble by overhead

The idyllic bay provides
It's euphoric inhabitants
A timeless way of life

The Europeans brought rectangles
Trains and trollies
Gridmap cities that run on time

A slightly rainy
Somewhat windy day
in almost Spring

The succulents are swollen
With rain water enough
Another year commenses

With a riotous surge

Symbolism brut
The double cross

And new this year, murals

Catchy kitsch to catch the trains
The idle eyeballs at rest

I image-captured this last year
A blank stucco then

Not up to me 
The way it is now

The far point
An honorable new bench
I pulled over here for a seedy bagel

Time to return along the BART path
A light rain constantly refreshing
The green vitality

A dynamo of fragrance
Just coming on 
An altered state of mind

Where the jury is still out


Central Berkeley

Product placement
location is everything

 LED screen

The well-connected

 Our Man in Havana
This year I've been on
a Graham Green kick myself

Colorful Africans,
Patterns of culture


 I'm of two minds about it though
On "Community" opening day
There seemed to be on-going
video (or whatever) artworks
Now it's non-stop promotion

 Jack and Jackie
 A wedding-cake of nostalgia
A marriage made for the Matrix

Speaking of presidents,
Bernard Sanders
Circumcised socialist

 When in Berkeley
Do as Berkeley do

There's the old Kresse five-and-ten
I know I date myself,
It's what the lonely boys do

Meantime the building itself
Fades into a previous century


Creatures of the Nightlife:
Return to Oakland

Fox girl on the bus

 The Animal Kingdom
An atavistic atttraction
By digital trivia unfulfilled

 Maybe the Dealer
Will shuffle-up
A new deck of cards

 Always last night
I went to see VVITCH
In my neck of the woods 
Gently overwhelming me
On my way to different dreams

Automotive nightmare
Outside the Coroner's office

Across the street
Piglet on the side
of a vegan van

 A sinister asteroid
Parked as it was

It's a noir, noir, noir

In conclusion

As for these war criminals,
The jury has reached its verdict

8 March 2016

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