Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Bayshore Holiday Part One


Easter Sunday

Guess where I am

If you guessed Alameda...
A tree uniting all

So cute and bungaloid

Fascinating flora

God's golden shore


First stop the bird pond
Where it was all go,
All about mating

Seagulls kick up a ruckus
Folks throwing them food,
Don't think they are supposed to

Ducks are adamant
The coot had to scoot

There's the beach,
Not many brave the on-shore breeze

There's the water,

Up here with the gulls
and the kites

Oh happy day

Checking out the local hangs

Today's expedition selects
As it's far point
That pointy point of land


The big winter bird population
Has split by now

What they do?
Father forgive them they know not,
How I admired this great cypress
Growing right on the shore


I move on
Delightful Arabic girls
Explore the bright beach scene
They are well-behaved and respectful

My proverbial Marine lunch
They even gave us blue tablecloths today
Of course the wind has other ideas,
Raisins, candied ginger,
"Girl Scout Cookies"

My nearest neighbor,
New green branches
Ever tossing in the wind

The Arabic women and girls
Sit together in the grass
The men sit at another table,
Wonder if they are Christian

Nutrient rich bay,
Benign sunshine

I come to my point

Young able-bodied people
Turn back

Not me, baby
I go out on the rocks

I sit out on the water

Fisherman gets lucky
Three fish on one line

Shiny new hand-railing 
Installed this Winter
On the submarine walkway

Think I'll doff me boots,
Carry them in my knapsack

Time for my walk-on-the-water routine,
And so I do

27 March 2016

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