Thursday, March 24, 2016

Berkeley The Big Dig


These Flaneurian times,
Your random eye-witness news

Where the BART train 
leaves the tunnel
What does that look like now?

 Now I know,
A BART train looks like
The business end of the new BAM

Please exit through the gift shop

 Back wall of the museum


 Classical art memes 
Resurface in popular forms

 All the nightmares came today
"Student Regent" with heart Israel insignia
Yamulke blue and white tie
Stubble and glower
Wearing an NYC orthodox
 overcoat and muffler indoors 
in Springtime California
to increase his special envoy bulk,
By "anti Semitic rhetoric" they mean
Criticism of USA's partner in crime 
Who collects billions from US tax-payers

 This cough remedy obviously enjoys 
Genuine customer approval

Cross and clouds, 
Holy Week

 I dig riding the 12 bus
With the colorful young

 Her hair was such an attractive  color
Like she dyed it with a Paz Easter egg kit,
Snazzy bunny bonnet as well

Traveling at a high speed 
Another mysterious plane

 This guy has outdone his nutty self

 Heavenly city, earthly city
Formerly full of artists

 Now more like artsy, 
cozy and cute

 The neighborhood Metaphysical bookshop
Time-traveling anachronism 
Here, here,
Be here now

Free Appropriation


 Yikes, I guess I can't say 
he jumped my claim
But this is so up my alley

 A frame shop window
Elmwood theater across the street

 It's just that
Eight out of ten of these

 Are all street signs that I have recently 
made images of myself

 If not already in the bag
They are all on my to-do list

 Not the HOTSY-TOTSY too,
The Flaneur looks blue

 The scuba-shop on Telegraph
Haven't photographed it in 25 years
It's much more eroded-away today

 I even remember when Kasper's
Was still going full steam,
Now mere social archeology

"And though we'll never be royals"
"Ve are ze robots"
I bet the photographer just moved here

 My work is more layered than his

I'm up in the clouds baby
Above all 
above it all

The Paschal Moon


Downtown at a Glance


 This peaceful meditative spot
Remains fenced-off

There was an encampment here 
Last year to"protest"
No sit, no lie on sidewalk laws
So a deceptive sign and snow fence go up
And the scarce public space is taken
and stays taken for long long stretches

 This sort of maneuver
 is becoming commonplace,
 Bobby Seale doesn't look
 very happy about it

 Then there's this "Protest"
Going on for years now
Not a hobo-jungle or anything
Berkeley thinks it's humane
to "tolerate" people
Living wretchedly and desperately
in a busy public space

Antique post box
with fresh mail art

 Back out into the disorientation

Oak in the Park
Across from the high school


 The unsanitary bedlam at the park
Has subsided somewhat
Leaving just the hardcore
The cat with an eye-patch
And a shock of ginger hair
Still parades the up-side down flag

Skating on 
with merely a glance
Over one's shoulder

March 2016

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