Friday, March 4, 2016

Strolling Oakland: Produce District to the Marina

As with most of the Flaneur's perambulations from home,
today's begins in marginal Chinatown

Street signage and subliminal semiotics
on a Sunday troll stroll

Power tool dynamics

 Somewhere, U.S.A.

 Titanium saws bite through metal,
Don't get in the way

 Closed on Sunday

Can you validate my race card
Color-blind society?
We ain't there yet

 I told an old African-American dipsomaniac
These young people 
They don't even know how it used to be,
He heartily agreed

Coming at ya

 The Irish know how,
Scotch whiskey scorches the esophagus

 Mobile pizza oven
tells a tale

 Barbequed dinosaur
Get it while it's lava-hot

 The marina under filtered sunlight,
Another mild Spring day

 The far point of my walk today,
A nice place to watch the world go past

 Afloat with the leisure craft set


 The marina's choice berths are set aside
As a showroom for showboats

 Conflict between public access
and the privateers
Sometimes you just want to
Row, row, row, your boat

 Sea Ray,
That's me

 Boards for sale or rent,
in advance of drowning

Wear it.
Want it.
What a slogan

Militarized billboard

Connect the dots

28 February 2016

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