Sunday, March 6, 2016

Berkeley Multiverse

Miles in the sky

 I dig this one
it's really far-out

Nosing around town, 
it's what a Flaneur does

 Racist effacement
White man can't represent in Oakland
Evidence that, like Soylent Green,
 that dreadful word
Means "white people"

 Escalator down 
to BART station
We're going to Berkeley

 Guy on BART train with bouquet
Berkeley welcomes flower folk

Dakini fantasy:
Eye feet and breasts
That reach forever
 for the moon

Veils of Islamic art 

 Black Calavera,
Nice one indeed

Majoun dream 
of Fez Morocco

The Family of Man

 Cinderella walks on the wild side

 Poster for the legendary 
Blackhawk engagement 1957
The double LP a lifetime favorite
I think there was an eventual box-set
With hours and hours of this gig

 Celtic medicine:
Lie in sunshine
in deep green grass,
 never become wrinkled


 My skater wallet
Found brand-new on my doorstep
on Bancroft way ten years ago

 Really crazy quilt
A display of miniatures
at Berkeley Public library

 And so back to the city of Oakland


Prince was in town this weekend
Solo in the vast oracle coliseum
playing a grand piano

 Into the pastel skies
of my evening

 Southeastern sky
Over gloomy Chinatown

By air water and light 

March 2016

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