Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Industrious Zone


The Flaneur off to retrieve greens 
from an Edenic garden amid the fossil-fueled ruins
Stops to consider the easy amusements

  A people's garden
somewhere over the rainbow chard

 Entering digital reality

 Comes a train

 Earplugs help make life exciting

 Borderlands of make-believe

What's new at the old Opera house?

What today's nightclubbing  
bon vivant looks like

Disturbed high school
note book art forever

Makes you question
 the level of evolution here

Capitalist Casualties

 I hate when Black chicks
 get all like that

 Combating fear 
by immersion in nightmare

They give themselves the horrors

Rogue Ronin
I can identify

Never trust anyone on crutches--
They're maniacs

Play pretend WAR
My generation valorized how passionate
Our rock musicians were about peace

Across the street
There's a big budget for paganism 

Time for the Faithful
to roll away the stone, baby 

For He has

Enveloping occultation 

Time to head upstairs
And heat up the steam pot
While the buzz is still fresh

25 February 2016

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