Friday, March 18, 2016

Thrilling Animal Rescue at Berkeley Public Library

That's right your Flaneur was there


 I was the only one who saw him fly in,
In my peripheral vision,
The rest were preoccupied with internet trivia

 I summoned the librarian
Asked them to call 
in an animal rescue professional

 This led to a sideshow
 Librarians assembling with other
Lookie-loos with phone cameras


 But the people made him a bit frantic
He would repeatedly fly
against the window
His stress began to stress me out
I bid people to stay away
And cooed to him,
" cool, baby"
He paid attention too

 He wanted to resume being free
And would calm down 
when the people withdrew
After one old Chinese guy
Pretended to not understand anything
And use the printer anyway
The staff put up police tape

I spoke again to the first librarian
She told me the hawk
Was seen flying in the front door 
after a pigeon
I said it was part of the general
Over-the-topness of Spring

 Then the guy showed up with 
With a large black hoop net
He had a topknot and beard
and a municipal uniform on
He looked out-doorsy
and at-home with animals
Moving with slow deliberation
like an animatronic teddy-bear

There it is

 There's the hawk in his net
The black fabric immediately subdues,
He put on heavy cowhide gloves
Perhaps he put a hood on the bird

It struggled not in the least
As the wrangler walked off, 
He didn't even need help with his net

 My surveillance camera captures him
Leaving the building with the raptor

 When he reached the edge of this glass roof
He set the hawk free into the welcoming sky

And off he went
All in a day's work
No big deal

People cheered and applauded him
When he first caught the hawk
Not too much applause, said I, 
Not to burden the bird,
Our quiet hero of the day

15 March 2016

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hi Ray, I shared this on Facebook. Glenn