Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Bayshore Holiday Part Two

Too-much-fun next door

Back Out Again

Airborne by this point,
Homeward bound

Bus stop for the 20 bus,
Can't shake a subconscious feeling,
That sharp-beaked birds 
still have an eye on me

After an afternoon of fresh-air hiking,
The chuck wagon is a-calling

He's a Wiggle or something,
The shopkeeper came to look out
Washed-out frown

The Windmills of Your Mind

I have a crush on an optical artist
But she may only be an illusion

A see-through panel
Where it counts,
I'll get closer to see better

Wow, it's like a parallel universe

It says: "We Buy and Sell"
We get the gone-out-of-business blues,
Make a nice medical cannabis dispensary

Ho-bo twang bar

Have a hoodaddy hootenanny

I smoke marijuana 
every chance I get

These relatively recent boards
Are really not my thing

Now you're talking my vintage

High scorers are engraved on a plaque
Siempre hornicus
The great army of the unlaid

I kid the young bros

School of Vintage Pinball Art
Contemporary homage

 Appolonia's song in Purple Rain?
That was awesome

Ended up snorting some gunpowder

Afternoon Delight

You squeeze his rubber testicles,
Not obscene

Lovely Domino
Pinball Goddess
The phantasmagoria 
of everyday life

Something telling me
I must go home

Easter dinner

After a substantial nap
I made organic whole-wheat fusilli:
Organic tomato sauce, spicy chicken sausage,
Asparagus, red bell, zucchini, pepper jack,
red onion garlic, even a leaf of kale
I ate every bite--hey, I hike,
 Size 30 waste, baby

27 March 2016

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