Thursday, March 31, 2016

Drive-by Archive


 Semi-urban east bay scene
A burst of living color

 Interstice with trees

 Tattoo emporium
Serving an ever-growing need

An ever-growing need
 for some shade

The pawn-shop of suspicion
Haunted by old despair

The Smokehouse
on Telegraph Ave
Corner of my old street

The Piedmont

Playing field on Linda


Great knobby trees along here
Wisteria coming on

Overarching oaks
I go by here often

Contemporary dad and son

Abode of the succulents

This kid just got off our bus

Bye, kid

Cemetery cul-de-sac
Green hills behind

Repository of human ash

Youth under a tree
evocative shadows
helicopter sky

The Ridge
under construction
former Ghosttown shopping center

The burgeoning green

Fellow was painting 
New melodrama mural

Berkeley playing field 
in my old neighborhood,
Former Iceland at other end

The Piedmont Redux

 The Little League


 Two baseball games at once

Confident stride
My all-time drive-by favorite shot
I saw the two boys cross Piedmont
Then I lost them
 but tried anyway

 This spooky little one
Twigged the old guy on the bus

 I love to see children run
A vicarious joy

 Looking at the world 
through my windshield

Pleasant Valley Saturday

March 2016

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