Monday, March 21, 2016

The Last Days of Proto-Spring

Everyday is a revelation

The Flaneur finds it hard
to know what to call this time of year,
Friday five o'clock
The last working day of Winter

I went up a strange escalator
I found myself in a foamy Clorox lobby

Brother man is new I think
I never noticed him before

I had just disembarked
From public conveyance
That's that Kunst fish again

That's all right,
He doesn't notice me either

I was in an oddly
effervescent mood

Decided to explore 
This uptight building
Where they just scalped
 The rhododenron landscape

So sort of odd art
Young people's efforts

What might have occurred
If Max Ernst or Rene Magritte
Had access to a 3-D printer

The back way out
Filipino guard got in the picture
Kind of glad he did

Equinoctal shadows
On the Neolithic stepping stones

Gridlock city

But still,
A tree grows in Oakland
In a brutalist Brancusi plant pot

A glimpse of the old downtown
That phantom building deserted
As ever in the convention center's shade

Oakland really needs 
To pull up its pants
and get to work

 18 March 2016

Palm Saturday

Lay the marble tea,
St Paul's tower cornerstone

Spruce so blue

St Paul's Episcopal church,
An African-American clergyman
Onslaught of a spiritual Spring

Bach's birthday this Holy Week
I'll try to return for the St John Passion,
Maybe not the entire three hours worth

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday
Remembering when Jesus was celebrated
As he rode into Jerusalem

I continued on to Lakeside Park
For herbal meditation
Across the water
from Christ the Light

In the green green grass
Singing along with melodies in my head,

So begins another Springtime
Green Leaves and the berries,
Little eggs are painted by
Mother bird eating cherries

There's my little darling diving duck

He's so nice
just a little stand-offish
As here he swims away
Into the canyon 
of the skyline's reflection

As the splendid oaks
Don their raiment au printemps

The fascinating arabesque oaks
They give this city its name
It's character and life

And beyond the oaks
the glorious sky

Where He will cometh with clouds
When He returns,

19 March 2016

(Note: Some may wonder where the accent circumflex 
over the "a" in Flaneur went
Gone because it's now a word in English,
The English language accommodated the voyeur
and the amateur long ago;
 More recently it has absorbed
the flaneur)

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