Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Week


The Flaneur walks forward 
and looks back

 The week began with Saint Valentine's Day

 Always makes me nostalgic
For the good old days

 It's an endless war on terror
A daily grind keeping the homeland safe

Let's pull up a chair
We'll play old-fashioned love songs


Monday was Dead Presidents' day
Sweet and balmy weather indeed
For want of better way to spend it
I was down by the water of course

The absence of beeping and banging at the Port
Was welcome but so were the noisy trains

As I sat and dreamed away an afternoon
A fair crowd collected 
for the Ferry to San Francisco

Here it comes 
Under the radiant sunlight

Naturally there's an inclination to join them,
I tend to prefer the "off" days to the busy holidays
Happy to be where I am

A pleasure boat pulls in
Flying an unusual flag,


Old Glory with rainbow stripes,
When I think about how I had to fight
For every red-white-and-blue patch on my ass,
Today's butt pirates get a free ride

It's plum blossom time

A real sidewalk scene,
 Encephalopod's are out

Outside the matte black night club of infamy

 Fish Kunst erupts


Spooky defrocked church with pagan symbol
 Midnight walk 
Between the rain storms 
Thursday night past,
Lightning struck itself


Friday nighty din din
A California tajine 
with tofu and whole wheat cous cous,
I make a hot meal every evening,
Everything come out my kitchen very good

Pepper sauce and fresh garlic

My Bizarre Valentine,
shortbread cookies


 A day of aesthetic pursuit

After a timely visit to my herbal provender
I felt the glory of a lovely day walking

Down through campus
This torguing tree attracted my eye
 The creek runs just by

 At times it's hard to avoid the perception
That our way of life
has doom written all over it

 The sensual thrill of it all
hasn't yet gone
A color wheel of sound and heat

By week's end
the full moon

February 2016

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