Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Groundhog's Day 2016


Did I mention it was also
Chinese Year of the Groundhog

The Flaneur had another Groundhog's day 
exactly like every other 
Groundhog's Day,

The Surrealist holiday
 as declared by Franklin Rosemont
The Journal of Surrealist Subversion 
The only major national holiday devoid of religion or patriotism
It also bespeaks an atavistic animism many yearn for 
Evoking First Nation wisdom and insight
commonly derided as superstition

 They talked about crystalline visibility
On the radio today,

 I'm taking a marine lunch 
Down to the sunny but brisk portside,
No body's beeswax if I do

 High definition realism, actually,
The wind was something you could endure


The clouds were palpable, baby

 The four-dimensional view of reality that is

 The parallel universe always there
You must merely set sail

 Calmness and peace prevail
Alongside the humming beeping
Activity next door at the Port
Like the passing trains
made agreeable by my silicon earplugs

 Unusual angle on the floating lighthouse

No pleasure craft out today,
I found a windless spot
Where I started to get hot
Free-styling in the radiance

February the 2nd
Mild when out of the wind
Mind-mainfesting sun water and clouds

 Down to the crossroads,
But I talk to no devils there

 Patriotic flag-display at the well-funded Coroner's Office,
Reflecting that I avoided the place another year,
I walk on

Time to go inside
Maybe a movie

I saw my shadow

2 February 2016

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