Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sweet Adeline

We begin on Shattuck,
A magnificent coniferous survival
Amid drought and automobile traffic

The Flaneur returns to an antique byway,
Come take a walk with me
in an old-fashioned picture book

 The absurdity of petty fascist insignia

 Wags call it 
Funky Odor Yoga

Intrusion of the Marvelous
An enigmatic planetoid
Hovering over daily life

 The planetary entity recedes
In the rear-view mirror
Of our biological space craft

Would-be Picasso

 Demonic car dealership

 Lax baby labor laws

 That gives a hand o' thine

Twilight zonal
Arts and Crafts Lamp

 The sidewalk made of glass

Erzulie looks out at passersby

Ashby BART lot by dusk

4 February 2016

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