Monday, February 8, 2016

My Weekend versus The Superbore

 "Tell them a hookah-smoking caterpillar
has given you the call"

 RIP Paul Kantner 

Whom I saw perform back in the peak years
And sat tables with at the Old Waldorf where
He alone of the SF Sound band-members
 Turned up for new wave shows like the Brains
"Money Changes Everything", but not Paul Kantner

  In loyalty to their kind
They cannot tolerate our minds,
In loyalty to our kind
We cannot tolerate their obstruction


The Flaneur hikes and climbs,
he plays no team sports, 
attends no games, and watches no sports TV
He considers himself a sportsman
Unlike the human bean-bags who sit and consume calories
While they consume sports media and sports merch
And never play sports themselves

The B stands for Beast machine
 Having the stupid-bowl in towns surrounding us
Seems to attract macho manifestations

Saturday in Berkland

 Well, Happy Chinese New Year,
Mardi Gras 2016 and Saint Valentine's Day
To you too, Bride of Frankenstein

 We're through the Looking Glass now,
My dears

 Winter's gone
Spring is near

 Let's follow Alice
Down the rabbit's hole


The afternoon wore on
Spring is here 
Winter is gone

And we're all mad as hatters

A new green world

 Here in toon town

Sunday in Oakland

The Port was idyllic in seventy degree sunshine
And there were but a few soulful souls in sight

No one on the Potomac

The Japanese jazz club
An unpopulated island
 this afternoon

A door to the past ever ajar

 The old Oakland train station
Everyone's gone to the moon

Ghost town  lovers

I came back down to the Jack London theater after dark
After a zucchini, broccoli, carrot, and onion, and cheese omelet
With fried sweet potato coins
and some whole-wheat Nan
The film I saw was "The Revenant" 
Sort of a B-movie revenge plot with
Superfluous spirits and dreams
Mainly a survival-in-extremis classic
With utterly beautiful landscape cinematography
And the bear attack which made me hide my eyes
Thrilling film, but it leaves one a bit sad

4-5 February 2016

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