Monday, February 1, 2016

Berkeley Art Museum Opens Can of Beans

More Big Screen Footage!

Prowling the perimeter the Flaneur takes note 
of a minor art historical event

 I'm not like everybody else

 I'm a rebel, 
Soul rebel,
As confident as a movie star

Now dig this

 Open to the public
After three days of "previews"
for VIPs, students, the press
The mid-afternoon line for free admission
forms on the left

 The building "reimagines" the old public deco style building
That for a century housed the University of California printing plant,
Notably, the charter of the United Nations was printed here
When the new organization was convening in San Francisco

 It's windows reflect an odd decision across the street
The event pavillion taken down Sunday
The crowded first "Community"day 
 Neapolitano and Dirks saved a few bucks
by not waiting a day

 Heavy metal signage abounds 

 The Berkeley library was also having a "free" admission day
This art installation is a new one
You look in and see strange day-glo squiggly things

OK Berkeley,

31 January 2016

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