Thursday, February 18, 2016

Easy BART Rider

The Flaneur has been taking the roulette route lately
Get there quick and comfortably
 or plunge into uncertainty and dysphoria
Keeps things exciting

Round trip

 Waiting on a Richmond train

On a superb quality blend
One enters a timeless zone
 A buddhistic emptiness pervades

 Train time, ba-by!

Berkeley, Berkeley

 The clouds get squiggly with it

 The Berkeley Post office was in danger
Of being swallowed by someone's ass

When I rides BART
I often get lost in the sky

The little BART train
Soldiers on

Things start to get complicated,
Approaching Oakland

16 February 2016


On my walk to the BART station
I stop to smell the roses
and to salute the Flag

Good-bye, cruel world,
I'm going to Berkeley today

Here comes the tunnel

On BART you see a lot
Jelly mamas with smart phones

17 February 2016

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