Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mobile Mardi Gras on San Francisco Bay Part 2

The Return

When I saw the footprint
I knew I was not alone,

After long thought I knew
It could only be my own

Fortune smiles a sardonic smile

The wave comes in

And goes back out again

Out in the gap
A Coast Guard patrol boat
Fussing about and bull-horn hectoring

Parting of the waters

I weighed staying on for the five o'clock boat home
But after my one-man carnival
Brandy and a cannabis blend
Including Midnight Indica
My head grew heavy.

The three o'clock boat is breezy,
The five o'clock trip is chock-full
Of uptight office workers
Having a tipple and laughing

The coin drops
into the fare-box
And I'm on my way back home

Clang clang clang went the soundtrack
As I walked back to the boat

 Subliminal seduction

Incredibly forlorn sound
Playing on a Chinese fiddle,
His clothes so were thread-bare
Was it part of his shtick?

To the Maritime scene
To the Wharf,
To faraway Russian hill

Adieu to my Golden Gate
See you in March
 For another Lenten date

Arrivederci, North Beach
Coit tower and Telegraph hill
Hope to see you again soon

The City as transformed,
Huge illegal promotional banners
Still cover several high-rise buildings,
The Mayor picked up the $5m tab for the NFL

There's that Barney Fife patrol boat again,
Roof-light turned-on,
 Means business
Barking at kayakers

In a high-stakes game of chess

That's right I'm surveilling you too,
Deputy dog

And so we sailed
Back under the bridge
After a day's adventure

Kind of a relief to leave
Bye-bye, San Francisco

There's the vainglorious new
Bay Bridge span,
an old lighthouse structure

Back to Oakland
There may be no there there,
As Oakland native Gertrude Stein maintained
But there is an elsewhere

Got home around four,
Slept and woke up at five forty-five
Officially sunset on the Bay,
The five o'clock was crossing
To Oakland from Alameda
Time for dinner and a night of fun

8 February 2016

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