Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

On balmy Lincoln's birthdays
 the Flaneur finds somewhere to cool his head

The every-day erotic uncanny.

Across the street from the flowering trees
Young cat drives his guitar in modal fashion

Berkeley Community Theater
Part of the high school complex where I saw shows by
 Lou Reed, Joan Baez, Bo Diddley, Robert Plant, 
and the first US appearance of  the legendary Clash,
Other historic concerts include Dylan and the Hawks
David Bowie's final local show in 2002 and
The Jimi Hendrix at Berkeley film concert
I even got a pranam from the Dali Lama at the stage door

The Magnes museum
Judaica... I've never visited...
Are Goyim welcome to convert?

Secular icons abound

The Gaia building
A colossal municipal art hornswoggle

Full of goddess baloney

There has been a Mexican restaurant here
Since the land belonged to Spain

This is the full-of-itself
Brower center
Hub of environmental do-gooder 

The lobbyist's lobby

This represents the Burroughsian centipede
At the heart of things
Swept under the rug

A ghost ship frozen on its voyage
Anywhere out of this world

The world of
Vanishing Ice

Pendulous icicles are like
Stalactites in a crevasse,
Back in the day
Ice caps, glaciers, rich cold seas,

Today it goes without mention,
An Armageddon of ice loss
Occurs as we speak

Surrealism at the end of days

The stylized olden days of humanity,
Fleshy earth paintings
A school I'd discovered in Canada's
Great White North

A putrescent garden
Decaying corpse of what once was

Human attempt to melt a glacier
using their collective body temperature

An inescapable conclusion

Let it come down

Meanwhile I while away my biological life
Embedded in flowering clover
Nourished on a diet of plants

Alive, outdoors, under the life-giving sky,
Nothing left but the recording

12 February 2016


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Love the magnolia shots.

RAY MAN said...

magnolia, you sweet thing
you're driving me mad