Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chinese Presidents' Saint Valentine Day

Berkeley Library lobby vitrine

Spring is making it self known
Holidays fall away like pictorial calendar pages

If they try to claim the ocean
Send in the Marines


Bart station,
Eligible bachelor
Sensitive, digs animals

 From a moving BART train window
The cloud was segmented like a shrimp
 or like  a feather

As DEVO so aptly claimed
It's a beautiful world

 The trouble with appropriation branding

Subterranean lunch spot

 All in Old-ass Oakland

 Soup can curtains
Xs and Os

 I can't call myself a vegetarian
Because on occasion I buy 
a chicken Cajun sausage here
Feels sinful to go in here 
Like a XXX adult book shop

Restaurant next door
Sells oyster po-boys
And other delights

A garish race-car scene
A world endangered by oil and exhaust

Home to my own DIY Hitchcock film

In Spring's green imperative
Some cuttings I brought home
Produced leaves

13-14 February 2016

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