Friday, February 5, 2016

Return to the Berkeley Art Museum (Part one)

Second day open for business 
Another free admission day

Screen Life

 When you enter this venerable walk way
 You know see a screen


 No more unmediated 
meditations on the lawn

Eyes on pedestrians and deadly autos
The way
 of the world

 Look who's coming to town,
Look at that face,
He knows when you are sleeping

He will bring happiness in a pipe
 Right away
On his silver bike

 The former future
Flowing images from 
What was formerly the past

 The Leviathan

I suppose I'll permit it to swallow me  in 

 Inside the Leviathan


Figurative forest

 He was huge


 Someone naturally build a corrugated metal shed

 Noir Primitif

 Artificial Intelligence

 This reminded me of photographs I've seen
Of webs spun by spiders on LSD

When they achieve discorporate preservation
of  individual consciousness,
This is what it will look like


 Industrial stairwell in orange

 Art History made easy

 What most people throughout 
Most of history would recognize as art
Appears mainly via screen

Appropriately, the Film Study center

   Familiar white spaces
    Capacious and ample

 The Sublime


Marcel Duchamp

 Totem and taboo

Part two

 A Mile of Signage

Impressive, commanding

Monumental, spectacular

In double-wide cinema-scope
 Dig the guy in the little squirrel hole cafe

 Do the sidewalk stalk
Just like Howard Hawkes
The Pacific Film Archive

As viewed from the al fresco tables
of Bongo Burger

Your correspondent le bon Flaneur
Making the scene

Off again 

4 February 2016

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