Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Youth Scene Berkeley

Tats, check, all black, check, boots, check,
Black-dyed buzz cut, check,
Diabolical comic panel, check,
Earlobe-platters, check,
...ready for Telegraph Avenue2015

Mid-summer reflections in the Flaneur's crystal spectacles

 A molten jelly jar window,
Augury of lava flows to come

A fastidious sign-maker outside the library

 A port-hole to the strange


 Berkeley biker scene

 Fake Stone Age
A Berkeley band
 I joined with on the radio

 My little Pegasus pony

Across the street from the high school

School's out for Summer

Young folks love the old cartoon characters

Young and old like to wet their whistle

 We are all ghosts already
But don't know it yet

 di Chirico high school

Praise to the Creator
For sending me Girl Scout Cookies

How high He hath made me

July-August 2015

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