Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Indigo mermaid

Stir-crazy and in search of adventure, 
the Flaneur set out one mid-day 
to see about a cruise on the Bay

 Local girls used to waiting for thundering trains to pass by
The image capture device makes it look like the trains are stopped
Trust me, they are moving

Not a big turn-out for the ferry,
As I devoured my cannabis cookie,
I kept hoping for the sky to be half-empty

 If anything it got colder and breezier,
A really feisty marine layer coming this way,
There goes the ferry without me

 But hey, the show must go on,
I had my cookie and I'm high
I'll utilize the aesthetic attenuation
Closer to home

 A little overcast and wind and the place is deserted,
This guy left the snake to guard
His private garden of eden

 It's still summertime,
And I'm color-enhanced


 No reason not to learn a little
Even on vacation, or in my case
The Permanent Vacation Club
(I co-founded a chapter with Jan Kerouac years ago)

How would you like to spend a winter in Alaska 
In something like Jack London's old log cabin?

 Inside it was a little raw, I suppose,
Survival at its most uncooked

 Forty-eight star flag 
Hanging out in front of Heinold's 
First and Last Chance Saloon

 It's the real deal
If perhaps a little over-historicized

 A mutual admiration society, really
"Tales of the Fish Patrol,"
On my reading list

 National Register of Historical Places,
Well, I'll be,
John Barleycorn must die

 The sky of blue
Seemed to squint 
and then was gone

 This prehistoric cold-wave
Is headed for Concord, over the hills,
Usually they swelter while we have sweater weather


 What they call a steady sea breese

And then the sky parts over the Bay,
I've shot my shot, so here I'll stay
Here's comes the next ferry,
A speed boat alongside

 There's that speed demon,
Probably just wants to get in out of the wind

 I had lunch at a relatively wind-free table
Up near the mock lighthouse

 Can you tell what country this is in?

Bay shorelines and waterways,
Uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes
The whole kit and kaboodle

    Time for this one to hit the road

 In Oakland bobble-heads are big

 Sometimes an expression of  paranoid-schitzophrenia,
Maybe kind of an affectation

 This is the primordial produce district,
Somewhat run-down in patches

 Sometimes re-puposed

 Still serving in many cases a time-honored purpose,
I love avocados and mushrooms

 A B-B-Que with nan R & B ambiance

 I'm always good,
I enjoy my time no matter where,
Deepen the dig, that's my advice

 I don't get to see the night lights of San Francisco,
Not going anywhere too soon
Not until we're all under the water again

The clouds lingered around
Growing bright and dragonlike
At the closing of the day

10 August 2015

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