Saturday, August 22, 2015

Netherworld Locale

Lonesome Echo-location

The Flaneur haunts the lonely streets but never feels alone
--a noirist baptism of solitude


 Urban landscape at crepuscule

 The evening falls over the security state complex

 The moon it is a boat, my love


  A small protest on a warm night, 
Helicopters  hover like hellish mosquitos

 The city shifts into the underworld

At night it's a different world,
The quaint corner coffee house
Has extinguished its lights

 A disorienting, puzzling,
sometimes troubling region

 It's the Old Oakland Hotel

 Contrast between the dark and the light
Plays tricks on the windows of night

A Deconstructionist cafe


 The ceiling fans turn in the semi-dark,
The ghost of Ratto's

 No Italian fruit bread for you,
All the non-combatants have fled the area


Even the Mexicali Rose is closed,
 Just a private after-hours affair 

Too late for the tattoo joint

Comic books made of skin
Hypnotism and nitrous oxide
 ATM and smart phone
Attention span, attention span, attention span...

How the cops see themselves,
Followed by grandiose state-funded funerals

The jailers and the bailers
Keep long business hours

Separated at birth
In a black marble void

July-August 2015

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