Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mail Art Show

Fleur Helsingor's Food and Drink Mail Art show
The colorful work second from the right at top
 by RAY man

The Flaneur walks out this afternoon into the smokey hot 
festivities duly noted

The venue had its own souvenir coasters

With Joey Know's mail artwork,
"A Shot and a Beer Cowboy Style"

 The works were exhibited at a local brew pub
In panels on the walls

 Long time no see a mail art show
I still participate in them but usually in faraway places,
Like mail artists here who sent works from afar

 There were several more frames I couldn't easily capture
People were having lunch at the tables underneath them
I'll add them to this post if I get the chance

A veritable vegetal cornucopia
of mail art

Outside the block party" blob had invaded,
Nobody lives on the blocks of Old Oakland
And nobody who lives around here attends them

Not a lot of people enjoying themselves on the hot asphalt,
Thanks guard there's a mobile security guard, dip shit

Street art on Washington

15 August 2015

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