Saturday, August 15, 2015

Maritime Arts Photography, Part Two

The Cobweb Palace


 Old Abe Warner seller of scrimshaw
Generously traded sailors liver poison,
Unconsciousness and a possible shang-hai,
For curious works of painstaking folk art

The Republic of Bad Taste


Triumph of the Toons


 Mesh generation,
Butt's sort of scrunched

 A recognized hallmark of fine art

A perennial motif in popular art,
The "dairy"
James M. Cain's term in Mildred Pierce


Reductio ad absurdum:
Tits on a fish

 Amusements from the Vanished World

Let's sing a song of long ago,
when days were green

Our creation myth

 Suddenly Oakland and Berkeley were looking good,
Evacuation from San Francisco 
A periodic mandate



She looks like she's 3-D

All revved-up and nowhere to go

Mickey Rooney paddles by

The more things change...

The more they stay the same

A Drowsy Denouement

 Perhaps something local and traditional,
Scoopy's Bakery is still open

Classy yet funky and quaint eateries abound

Time for this one to pass through
The magical maritime curtain

Pelicans bespeak the dusk

Goodbye to all that frivolity and fun

Subtle bands of light 
Radiate out from the oblique sunset

Bound for the East,
Almost time to cross over

One last stop
In San Francisco
Friday night vibrant, ready to drop

Darkness has fallen
Onto the Port of Oakland


Full circle,

14 August 2015

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