Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hiroshima My Crush

We are a war-like city
in a militarized nation

Weird emanations of Hiroshima day in a West coast port of call

Teenagers dressed in tutus and carrying flags
Were doing a mock reenactment 
of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima

Had to wonder, 
Were they aware of this memorial?

Honoring peace with a city in Japan,
With FDR's presidential yacht looking over its shoulder
A floating location where the war with Japan was planned

The atomic bomb must have come up,
Truman the mean little haberdasher 
Showed up on the Potomac

We salute our victorious flag in seven directions,
A nice breezy cool day on the Pacific coast

Hotel Transylvania II matinee at the cineplex,
Our way of life is still sort of fun

Ant Man Bee,
As Captain Beefheart cryptically intoned,
 Tech-tough society losing critters

Parking enforcement,
Every day another minor atrocity

I kept one eye on the massive police structure
As evening fell on another day
 Without a mushroom cloud

(Note cameras, 
also lesser Blue Heron)

8  August 2015

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