Monday, August 17, 2015

Maritime Arts Photography, Part One

The Sea-going Flaneur

In which RAY offers lessons from his image capture bag of tricks

Combining photography, appropriation, and photo-journalism

The Museum of Everyday Life

A successful launch

A leisurely day on the sunshiny  Bay

Maritime photography takes many forms

 The tip of Alameda, the edge of the East bay
The glee of the children
In the good old Summertime

The salt-sprayed approach San Francisco,
Bald cell-phone greenhorn stepping on my shots

Pull into the Ferry Building,
A pedestrian pier where I have whiled away hours
Is visible under the edge of this awning

Onward to Pier 41,
Helicopters omnipresent

Here we are now, 
entertain us

Transfer to an orange street car
Under sunny skies of blue

Fisherman's Wharf,
Ever thus

Fear of Music
from Jaws

Two emergency delivery trucks haul past
It's like the US flag

Coastal Motor Escort
Yet another sort of police

 And so castles made of sand
Fall in the sea eventually

 Lovely day with a gentle breeze
Beach crowd still sparse

 The dislocation of being indoors

 The Maritime Arts


Leo with spiral eyeballs

 The Scotsman figurehead cracked at the last

 A ship of shells 
Expands in the imagination
A passage home from a shipwrecked isle

Messenger in a bottle


 Hilaire Hiller painting the psychedelic murals

 The vagaries of the sea
Indeterminacy of Stephane Mallarme

 Ambiguity of hour

A study in knot work
A elongated boat,
That ranger's rocking derriere

Knots that border on the mystical

Seance for a sea-bound afternoon

The Lion's mate equally intense 

 Out of Doors 

Rest period
Dreaming away under a bush

The kids all wade in the water
Adults act like it's liquid nitrogen,
Needless to say whose side I'm on

 Maritime Art Image-capture

Another couple hours before my departure time
Dig the numerals on this old clock

 Hey, Girls, get a load of these huge balls,
They acted like they were deaf

 You know the old saying,
She who hesitates is lost

Time to get back on the trail, no doubt

14 August 2015

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