Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tilden Park Busride


The entrance to Tilden park is down a steep road on the right

The Old 67 bus through Tilden park
 Still running on weekends and holidays,
The Flaneur's consciousness covers a lot of ground 
without much actual hiking

Climbing up there

 The park is a home range for the healthy

 We speed past glimpses of meadows far below

 It is situated in the Berkeley-El Cerrito hills
It covers the limits of Almeda county in this direction
And includes parts of Contra Costa county


 The line terminates at the Brazil meadow
A place of peace where I have spent hours in reflection
Held aloft by the rolling landscape

 In the past it was kept deep green throughout the summer,
Today we see the brown patches due to our water austerity

Just before I took this shot a slim young fellow walked past sheepishly looking over at me to see if he had my attention.  In addition to a colorful baseball style hat, he wore a jersey made of squares each with a colorful pastel heart. It had a low neckline and exposed his midriff, with it he wore a miniskirt and nothing else. I deliberately showed no reaction-- I don't intend to be unwittingly drawn into showing approval or disapproval of someone trying to attract my attention. It's pervy at the core. Anybody is free to be who he or she wants to be and it needn't concern me.


 My trusty bench is often supplanted 
By the compelling urge to lie in the grass

 Blackberries come in to ripeness

 The open space surrounds a building 
Known as the Brazil room it is available for rentals
I recall dancing here with my ex some thirty years ago

 Two girls repeatedly ran down
 Then climbed back up the hill
Their enjoyment was contagious

Coming back down

 It's a fast, precipitous, and somewhat vertiginous, ride back down

 The impressive view comes in and out of view

 An old code of decency once prevailed in which people
Kept their dwelling appropriately low to the ground

 A considerable marine layer is in evidence,
You become very aware of the process up here

 Up here even the senior citizens are healthy hikers

 Same architect as Fairyland I suspect,
The house on the left has an notable cactus tree

Eight-foot nick-nacks front this guys place,
Wonder how the neighbors feel

9 August 2015

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