Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sunday I Go To Church

Cool Roman Catholic insignia

The Flaneur makes with the Sign of the Cross

The secular world presents a distorted view of our Church

 It is a place of solace and salvation,
Arms wide open to all souls

A Heraldry of the Most High

None were more saddened 
Than the faithful themselves


 Sculpture centers the healing garden

   Across the estuary
Lies legendary Fairyland

 On this rock I will build my Church

 The course of a life is aleatory,
Subject to the unexpected

 By the top of Lake Merritt,
Imagining a world without cars

 Another Christian church not far away,
An eternal verity

 Into the lacuna 
An inquiry into the mystery of life

When I return to my chamber
I perceive myself closer to heaven

3-5 August 2015

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