Monday, August 31, 2015

RAY's Rogues Gallery

Salvadore Dali and Walt Disney
I don't know how much I owe my uncles

 Out of storage and into porridge,
A dozen white cats with legs 
selected  at random 
from le Flaneur's subterranean stuffness

Jack Kerouac
Dali said he was the most beautiful man he had ever seen

William S. Burroughs 
Searching for hallucinogen Yage

 Paul Bowles
Composer and author


 Gerry Mulligan
Irish-American giant of cool jazz

 Fred Neil
A master of those who know
Wavy Gravy and I were talking
 Over the phone about Bob Dylan
I mentioned I still had all of Fred's LPs
Wavy's seismometer jumped up several chakra

James Dean
Original 50s wallet photos

Early hero of me youth,
I've had this 45 for 55 years

Jim Morrison 
On Crown Beach Alameda California 
This is a keepsake from an exhibit in Alameda
Of his high school artwork

 Charlie Watts
 Rolling Stones 1981 tour souvenir book,
Charlie is my darling

Rotten Johnny Rotten
Singer song writer
I've met him and one other of these gentlemen
Who do you suppose the other one is?

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