Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Through a Trappist Trapezoid


 This is the back court where there is outdoor seating,
It's quite close to my abode yet this was my first real visit

Earlier this month a mail art conference took place between RAY man and Joey Know,
The following surveillance photos document the venue

 I noted that the other clientele were on dates
Or like cruising singles


 Not a place to curl up with a book and a brew really,
Though the music wasn't loud I suppose

 We ordered pricey little glasses of Imperial Stout


 I'll be the first to admit...

 I never had better-tasting beer in all my days


 That little Belgian pisser is hung 
Like a donkey in the manger

 He better not hit me,
Go blitzkrieg on his ass

 A charmingly dark atmosphere really,
Joe noticed that the lights dimmed 
After we finished perusing our mail art stacks

 This little cat and the Flaneur have met before,
I have little doubt that we shall meet again

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