Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Fashioned Independence Day

Fourth of July in Alameda

At ten in the morning,
Some people love a parade,
I love a bidet

Alameda is all about it

 Bunting is a must


It's an all-American kind of town

 Due to the parade earlier today
The center of town was a no-fly zone,
I was dropped off further into neighborhood streets

 Distinctively decorated house
With a glimpse of the ubiquitous 
Sidewalk-driveway cook-outs

 So quiet and old-fashioned a patriotic holiday
It's as if I found a portal to the simpler past

I'm no spoilsport--
I rather dig it


 Uplifting nationalistic kitsch,
Does what it is supposed to do

 God bless our home

 Kooky old barns got charm

 Heading by instinct toward the beach,
Thwarted by the fences of a private lagoon

 But I'm at last down with my people

 Even chatted up this Adonis,
Then  I realized he spoke Russian,
And a beautiful babe ran up to embrace him

 The answer my friends,
Blowing in the wind

 Let's dig Crab Cove

 The fish are being their ususual
Mysterious selves

 Sometimes it's almost like they have the blues

 It's OK to fish
Cause they don't have any feelings

 Just in time for the buses to be running again

 Alameda is as America as it gets

 A last salute to Alameda


 As All-American as fake ice cream

Oakland July Forth Weekend

4-5 July 2015

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