Monday, July 6, 2015

John Water's Burger Boogaloo


A garage punk barbeque with our fearless leader?
What garage punk could resist

I arrived after four on Sunday afternoon
 and I never heard a word from John Waters,
He may have called it a day,
He's ever so suave

Oddly since it began at noon
The crowd was showing up in droves

Fenced-off a vast greensward of Mosswood,
The Mummies were revived for the show

Community basketball street culture
Business as usual

Trees here tell an odd tale

Burger Boogaloo down Broadway,
I am a visitor from from a now-invisible generation

I found my niche away from the crowd
Where the music's not so loud
Where the meat smoke don't blow

The bands kept coming
 as long as daylight holds out
Charcoal grey clouds were coming in from the Bay

It was time for me to

5 July 2015

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