Sunday, July 26, 2015

Double-O Oakland

Random recordings of miscellaneous behavior

Me too,
 When I walk in gardens
My movements help flowers to pollinate

 Bright and cool day on the Oakland estuary
The inlet known as Lake Merritt

 A passing vendor stopped his bead cart for photo

 A egret propels himself up from the sea bed,
 I devour the world with a hunger born of love

 Reflections on Marble cross

 The Cathedral of the Diocese of Oakland
Viewed from the shade of a bus shelter

 Reminds me of "Mr Brown"
An early garage song by the Wailers,
"Who is Mr Brown?
Mr Brown is a clown 
Who drives around town in a coffin"

 The Silk Road

 Exit a bus in the urban center
You just stepped over into the Oakland zone

A fleet of unmarked police trucks,
Plutocracy needs a police state
To maintain the inequity of inequality

 Truck double-parked in Temescal
Through the dystopian window of a 1R bus
Cars and trucks, sins against nature

July 2015

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