Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Berkeley Barb at the Berkeley Pub

In Berkeley
The Hippies you always have with you,

The Barb was still publishing when I moved to Berkeley in early 1979,
It seemed rebarbative in the face of the new underground newspapers 
With titles such as Search and Destroy and Damage 
It faded-out a year or two later but ostensibly it's not forgotten

 A front page of the Berkeley Barb framed,
This exhibit is based on the archives of a founding editor

 Psychedelicized musical experience was the engine of the era,
They laid that commonly seen Posada Dead/Quicksilver poster
Over the groovier Charles Lloyd/Butterfield poster
Which I had in my smoking loft back in the day,
Quel dommage

Unlike today when the internet provides
  A hall of fun-house mirrors,
Agit-prop media in those days preached to the converted 
And made new converts continually

19 July 2015


A cool librarian allowed me
To rearrange the posters,
Shine on, Charles 

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