Friday, July 31, 2015

Heat Wave Birth Day


Batman was first
But my abiding comic book hero was Doctor Strange
Doctor Stephen Strange

Midnight has landed in Massachusetts where the Flaneur was born,
A warm night so he's out walking 

Time Zones

 Decalcomania of the mind

 A strange place

Dragon carving

 Hallucinatory skull

Leaving the Hotel Carles,
Anywhere out of this world

Strange portal,
Ambiguous time signature

Moon in a butterfly
Veils of mystery in Chinatown

 Little Mr Precious

Date of Birth,
28 July

 Spuds and vodka all wrapped-up in the flag,
Could it be Alameda?

 Mr Know-it-all,
Mr Seen-it-all, Done-it-all
Mr Done with all the fol-de-rol

 Apparently all is transience,
Green reeds of Summer

Turn dead in the Fall

 In the wavering heat,
The trees were like the tears of blind lions

Bull goose
I ran the tap to give the geese a chance to drink,
These traditional geese held off the Canada geese
Look at those ankle, that neck, that beak,
Mother-... hush-your-mouth... goose

 I ran the faucet several more times,
The water lingered long enough for all to drink,
It's only maybe 80 degrees, 
But the SF Bay Area melts at that temperature

 Look how far out those kids are,
At low tide it's bizarrely shallow here,
Planes from Oakland airport fly over low

 Rad pad, young dude couple with baby

Sun assassins deflect off the Pandora building
Space Burger is left unaffected,
As the moon sneaks up behind
I did a run all the way to Berkeley afterward,
To restock at the herb shop, OG Kush, y'all

The bus dropped me off here,
Walking distance from home

27-28 July 2015

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