Thursday, July 9, 2015

Berkeley July Lull


The welcoming sidewalks of Berkeley,
Getting ready for the Fourth

The old peace and less traffic of June and July
The Flaneur can't help but wonder where it went

The  State of Town

 The new target audience,
With money-a-pocket
Fifteen feet tall

 Slapping up housing like there is a tomorrow,
A lot of water hook-ups, untold car exhaust

 A cardboard town best described in purple prose

Living here requires a strong back


 The equanimity of Gotama the Buddha

Post-Urban Planning

 Berkeley has places for everyone,
You just have find one for yourself

 Family is important

 Disgust is now commonplace downtown

 There's always yoga, chanting, incense, vegetarianism,
No reason not to

 Everything the young vajrayogini needs


 I'm more of a mermaid socks kind of guy

 News flash: the world's a ruin

 I know a place nearby
Where the coffee approaches perfection

A Rose from Library Gardens

For the deceased and for the injured

found in the crosswalk
bloomed at last in a wine-glass
  rosebud broken-off

Turns out the investment-group owners are the town's biggest tax-payers
Which is not to say that fact had anything to do
With the City's perfunctory investigation of the calamity
Attempting to hand the balconies over to the guilty builders themselves
Only to be arrested by a district attorney with an Irish name.
The crooked builders sued the DA to "participate" in the testing
Losing, as moves are made to change the law concerning
These very builders' ability to hide the details of negligence settlements.

July 2015

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