Sunday, July 12, 2015

Faire at the Square

I dig a pirate girl who doesn't mind getting a little dirty

 The Flaneur does his rounds with mild astound

Making the scene

Everybody knows I dig basking in the sun 
while the world blows by

A fine Summer day on the estuary

Helmet optional

 Patriotic shirt

Me time

The wearisome fixity of being on land 
Relieved by tidal rhythms on a floating dock

 Twinkle toes

 Kicking up suds in the Summer

 Sea dogs at ease

 The view from here

The Faire

Celebrating the Supreme Court ruling

The girls like it too

Exquisite corpse

Strange tapestry

The Square

Maybe old sparkle foot could use a pedi-cab

Or a colorful kayak expedition

My concept of a desirable vessel,
Several cool boats here from this maker

Maybe a trade show of sorts

Lay the marble tea 

 I am though, a bit

Japanese vittles
dig the iridescent glass 
--no modern jazz though

11 July 2015

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