Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gridmap Window on Berkeley

Through the eyes of a twenty-first century wanderer
 see what the place looks like today

 When I see a wall of glass bricks,
I ask what's behind it?

 A grid-map window on the Berkeley
Brisk days in May

 "Berkeley, Berkeley"
As I say when I pull in on the BART train
La Bas

Don't look so grim
It's Grand Guignol for kids,
Not to be so scared of the boogie man

 Desolation row sidewalk alongside 
The hedonic spectacle,
Business as usual, in other words
For the time being

 Here's how it used to look
(as seen from the soul-challenged coffee shop)

 And here's what they have in store for us,
Hive housing for go-getters and their automobiles

But while you're here
Don't forget to smile,
There's an herbal remedy for whatever ails you

 Outside this place I meditate
 It's now the Dharma college,
I catch a light in the dorje doorway

 Back to the Library for some serious study
Of the dark ages
Of the enlightenment to come

Fear not your fellow man,
Look fate in the eye,
And take a nap when you can

14-16 May 2015

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