Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer on the Horizon

Memorial Day weekend began Thursday 
yet for the Flaneur,
even when he toils, everyday is a holiday 

 Mental health maintenance in Alameda,
Geese gang takes over the park, no one around
Temperatures in the sixties with a cool breeze,
Never used to see many Canada geese 
Until global warming got hot,
And look at the lawn, it's only mid-May,
The worrisome drought goes on

 The beautiful waters measure time and space

 As old forms of life die away,
Something will replace them

Meantime I've got the whole beach in my hands,
Note the hood,
Just me and my shadow

 All alone and feeling blue

Except for these cats
Way down the beach,
The wind-surfing scene

 You've got to hold that huge sail
While you climb up on the board

 Yeah, baby

 Off he goes,
Out there having fun
In the warm California sun

 One bright morning when this world is over
I'll fly away


 I'll fly away,
To celestial shores,
I'll fly away

21 May 2015

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