Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cornershops in Berkeley

The Flaneur stops and smells the stockings 
as well as the roses

Telegraph and Dwight Way

 What a hoot,
 This community really hates drugs,
I know I sure do

 Now pull up your socks 
And go over to Fred's market,
Get me some ciggies and alcohol

 This place sells Walrus tusks and blubber

 Trending on rotten ice

 Adeline at Ashby Avenue

 This interesting intersection 
Is laden with artifacts and antiques

Miss Habersham's Bridal Shoppe
The Museum of Lace,
Sort of a No Man's Land

The flow of traffic
Ruthless and relentless,
 Man bears the brunt in his chest

 Time to fade into the tribal sidewalk,
Get home on BART before the riot gets hot

1 May 2015

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