Monday, May 11, 2015

Epilogue and Prologue to The White Elephants Graveyard

 to The White Elephants Graveyard

Thoughts leading away and thoughts having led
toward the aforementioned post

 Art materials sold here,
As I make digital junk art

 Quiet, discrete neighborhood
Demonstrable love of growing things

 Tolkien totem pole sightings

 A sculptural quality to this house

 People in this part of town love their figurines

 to The White Elephants Graveyard

 Ever notice this cute cottage
And think, someone has a nice situation,
A great location, traditional homey charm

 Forget about that,
It's the lair of lawyers grown fat on eviction,
The predatory who prosper

 Maybe you can afford to spend
A few nights at the Blue Hotel

 While your little snarling 
Teutonic aggression is in the shop

An infernal hive of carbon machines

30 April 2015

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